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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 18, 2013 9:30am-10:01am PST

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we have all the videos that you've been looking for "right this minute". crowds cheer as a driver gets ready for the first ever -- >> 360 barrel roll stunt. >> see if hean finall stick t landing. >> an indian man has lived as a recluse all because -- >> he has a very large tumor. >> the life changing journey he hopes will lead to love. >> a sky diver braces for a
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rough landing. >> ooh. >> that is not what you call a perfect ten. >> see what's to blame and how he survived it. plus the buzz word for your chance for a flat screen tv. and play time between a dog and a jolly bird. >> it's a bad day when you're replaced. >> one of our mottos here is videos first. this is the first ever 360 barrel roll stunt by a truck. this is adrian the wild man. >> whoa! >> you see the truck hit a ramp, catch some air, then it hits like this little kicker ram many on the left-hand side. that pitches the truck over land on its wheels, perfectly. >> that was deliverance. ♪ >> i'm embarrassed.
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>> this stunt all part of the baja 1,000 festivities down in mexico. >> how many do you completely total before you land this? how many do you have to go through to get this perfect? >> he tells us his secret. >> it's never 100%. you have to keep working it and go for it. >> could that be his first one ever? someone could have done this before. >> there was this roll that rob did a while back in his chevy. that ramp was kind of curved that rob went up on. >> this truck went up the screen, got spun around and landed flat on the ground. >> it's why they're calling it the first controlled 260 video. >> you're looking at video
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footage from a family from a remote village in india traveling to new dehli and they're traveling with their family member. as you can see, he has a very large tumor on his face that is weighing his cheek and ear down. this is a tumor that developed as a result of a genetic condition. but he's lived his entire life basicallies a recruit. he has trouble even communicating because of the severe weight by this tumors. so surgeons found out about his case and decided they wand to do something to helps. >> it wild because when you see him from the other side, the other side of his face is completely normal. >> one of the main reasons he was hoping to get this tumor removed is he wants to find love. he said he lives a very lonely
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life and he hopes to find a wife and have children. >> this is called "elephant man," bosniay bizarre. the surgery was almost six hours long but the most difficult part was the blood loss because the tumor did such such an intention blood supply. >> and he can find love now because they were able to treat it. that's exciting. >> video from high in the sky in panama. this is the final moments of a sky drive. keep your eyes on this yellow pair a chute here. watch eline's landing. that's not what you call a perfect ten. >> he bounced. >> you're not supposed to
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bounce. you can see his buddy lands on the ground, rushes right over to check on him. you can see he's motionless. did suffer several injuries and had to be hospitalized. here it is from sort of a wide angle where you can see him coming down and, boom, hits the crowd hard. you hear everybody else. he says bad swooping is to blame here. it could be maybe wind. >> it looks like his camera height be shut off. >> he's going crazy fast. >> he was the one himself sending us his videos. but he says he's going to to be okay. talk about rough landings.
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>> woor celebrating by giving away a flat screen tv. >> you must be a u.s. resident, 18 years or old are. >> monday's buzz word is coming up, your chance to win a 42 inch flat screen tv. >> and animals have been saved from all kinch kind of different places. with its head stuck. >> they're shredding it -- >> it's sad. they look like one of the voluntee
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volunteers. >> but it's to save your family member, buddy. it pricely. because it did cost them about a thousand $2 thee with the lag m mat. >> some thieves splot to -- >> stuff the atm with flammle material afe. >> see how their plan goes up in flames. >> i think it safe to say this pooch missed its owner. >> the emotional welcome home next. woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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welcome back to the show, everybody. don't forget to check out rightth great have hados all day long. enjoy. >> criminals not the sharpest tool in the shed for lot of reasons. number one, being a criminal to begin with. but here they're trying to rob the atm. their brilliant plan, stuff it with a bunch of material and then light it on fire. guess what does burn? one of the guys. you can see one guy basically
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lit himself on fire. there he is dancing around trying to get the flames out. the three eventually escape in what they believe is a stolen white 4 by 4. they didn't get away with money but they did damage businesses around, like this guy's pizza shop. firefighters were able to put this out pretty easily. >> so stupid. >> it wasn't just one stupid guy that thought this was a good idea. there were three. >> from there to moscow. you won believe who saves the business day. andre is ready to get into his car and somebody running up behind him, attacking him, punching him in the face. andre knows there's a ram ra right here. he runs towards it. the bad guy noticed the camera,
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covers his face and. we are seeing a little let space. hope flip it's a help. >> two animal videos that are adorable. this first one unlike anything you've seen before. a pooch playing with a bird and they are having a good old jolly time. >> it's a weird pear. >> i think these two been video in a while. they been. >> look at that. >> he carries over and flies
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something in the house. it didn't work because whiskey came back out and the fighting continues. eventually this woman comes out here with a sheet and i think he decides the shoot looks more fun than whis whis can i. >> it isn't a dad day when you're oaf, done and gone on vacation. >> i think it's safe to say that this pooch missed its owner. >> so sweet. >> this video is a little bit older but it is just now trending. her name is gracie lu free bush. >> that's like a distinct i'm really happy that you're here. >> this went on for a really long time. >> they were only gone for like 12 hours.
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>> everything we told you about this video, the motorcyclist cruising done the highway, zipping in and out of traffic, hitting speeds of 100 miles an hour, when he spotted this guy, the cop, he started juking and jing before we heard the -- >>e video ended. but the second part is out. the rider, who we believe to be named chase, my wallet in the car goes to run the license so that leads to this. he said his friends come to pick up his motorcycle. that's not the original ride rider. that's just one of his friend ps we don't know what happened. each said it's all behind meech
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now, it's all tied up and taken care of. >> you might will as nobody. >> three videos for me, mom's world. see the fridge dine a people m.i.t. and are these late fees a joke? >> $93,000. >> plus, a girl gets shocked in more way than one. >> ew, gross. >> what's real and what's fake next? and the wait is almost over. we've got monday's buzz word for your chance to went a flat screen tv.
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it's monday so how about some real estate videos. let get into video number one. ♪ ♪ >> oh, my god. what, they put like an m-80 in there? >> was it a grenade in the freezer. >> seeing it in slow-mo makes it look believable. >> really believable. maybe this is how you get insurance money? >> i'm going accidentically real. >> what do you say, max? >> sometimes you just have some explosives in the house and you need to blow something up.
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real. >> i was hoping you could tell me what the late fees are. i rented this one in 1989. so cuff tell me how much i own for that one? >> we'll check the distance for you. >> oh! >> 93,000? >> good, funny, time lip video but i think it's fake. i think they got the guy in on it to just say, well -- >> marks, what do you know about this? >> there's a part 2 of of this clip. maybe you should play it from here on out and find out what the real truth is. >> so old it doesn't pop up, bud. >> so old it's like $80,000. >> there it is. good eye there, fabian. >> three hurt, one zero.
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noofd s. >> hold on. i didn't even see her touch anything. >> she never it ever so slightly. >> she did not get shocked. there was no zap. i wanted to see the zap. >> all right but what about the pooh? pop part planned? >> that's what makes it fake for me. >> you're thinking that she planned out she was going to put her face in a pile of pop? >> exactly. it probably like chocolate pudding. >> hour fakes. you you guys did it, i'm say. >> beautiful actually. >> it is beautiful.
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>> and you haven't even taken us to dinner yet. >> i guarantee you've never, ever seen a ferrari quite like this. >> oh, that's made of card board. >> doesn't even look like a ferrari actually. it just looks like a box. >> as far as an art project goes, that's pretty awesome. >> funny you should say this. this is the work of a french artist. >> and i'll bet you that gets as many looks out on the roped as a real ferrari does. >> not necessarily the same kinds of looks. but looks. >> benedetto is known to have an extreme look to his work. >> this is a -- the eggs come
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out of the car. >> it's a hatch back. >> oh! >> and this is his art, goes really high up to the sky. we're giving away another flat screen tv. >> a 42 inch flat screen tv could be yours. you need the monday buzz word, 18 years or older and u.s. resident to enter. >> here it is, beth, the budds wo -- buzz word for monday is incredible. >> and go over to and pish the enter to win a flat
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screen television. >> and enter of buzz word, incredible, incredib-n-c-r-e-d-. good luck, everybody. >> it is annoying to doesn't ?? kç
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the guy we're about to see in this video deserves at least employees of the month for what he did here. this is surveillance from a drive-through. up see the white car pulling up to the window. fortunately this employees runs up to it just in the nick of time and manages to stop that pack of whatever it is from rolling on to that car. >> looks like whoever it is that was about to put his body between the car and the --
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>> but what he doesn't seem is on the other side another one of those things is coming straight to the other car. the guy stops the second crate from hitting the car. >> he deserves a star in the hallway or maybe a thumbings down because high should have locked the wheel. >> they all saved the day. >>. >> all the way down. good boy, yeah. >> let's let popular youtuber andrew hale very enthusiastically tell us what he's up to in his next video. >> we're in atlanta today and we're going to litter. >> i hate that. nobody likes a litter bug. >> what are you doing?
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>> littering. >> go pick it up, don't [ bleep ]! >> we're doing a social experiment. it's a joke. >> well, then pick it up! >> andrew does a little bit more subtle and some people do nothing. >> makes me so mad. they're not saying anything. maybe they don't want to get into a confrontation. you do something then. what would you do if somebody slam dunks their trash right in front of you? watch the reaction from these ladies. >> i'm having a bad day. it fun. >> did you take your medicine today? >> no, i forgot the last three days. >> they're like, everybody there is at least one guy who is like if guy's going to be a jerk, i'll just clean up after him.
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>> we're jus prank video. >> and what is he doing in front of the police? >> good man, good man. >> we're just filming like a little social experiment. >> got some good shots of the park around here. >> you want me to be getting ugly with you now? take that thing and put it in the truck. >> that's our show everybody. we're going to leave you of a can experiment of is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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